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Sold & Leased

At Kasbah we have many of horses and ponies coming in and out constantly. We find great joy in helping people find the perfect equine partner.



“Dragon” is a section a Welsh Pony. He was purchased as Lucy’s moving-on-up pony. Dragon took Lucy from walk trot poles to the short stirrup division. He also became a reliable driving pony for Mimi. Eventually Lucy hit Dragon’s self implemented weight limit and he went on to his new family in Colorado. 



“Hiccup” is a part Welsh Pony gelding. We purchased Hiccup from Rollingwoods Farm in 2015 as Grace’s short stirrup pony. Not only was he that, but he was also her 2019 USEF Pony Finals mount as well. In 2019 Hiccup was sold to Sparkleberry Ponies at Crying Coyote Farm in Florida. Hiccup is now a lesson pony at Bee Cave Riding Center in Texas. 



Diego, known by his previous owners as “Hog,” was a quarter horse gelding. KatieB took him on lots of trail rides and loved swimming with him in the time he was with us. Diego was sold to a family looking for a horse after his favorite companion, Boots, passed away. Diego has sadly passed on to be with him. 



“Cymro” is a Section D Welsh Cob gelding. He was imported from Canada for Alice. Cymro won many english pleasure classes and worked cattle at the Johnson’s. Cyrmro was sold back to Canada in 2015. 



Montana is a section b Welsh Pony filly who was born July 6, 2021 and sold July 21, 2021. She’s out of our favorite broodmare, Pecan Creek Moonlight Sonata and she’s a full sister to Kasbah’s Maggie May. Montana was born black and our non horsie family members (who were the only ones in town at the time) mistook her umbilical cord as a penis. So Montana was a “he” for the first few days. She’s a very smart pony who has a passion for escaping for fun, sun bathing, and running far away in the field while her mother’s not watching. She’s with us until spring 2022 then headed home to be with Nicole Tribbit in North Dakota. 



“Cash” came to live with us in April 2022 unbroke and still in tact. After being gelded he turned into the sweetest pony with the biggest personality. At only 3 years old he is kid proof enough to be a kids pony and his little girl loves him! 



2020 Welsh filly out of Pecan Creek Moonlight Sonata. Maggie was born in the middle of quarantine and she sure didn’t let the girls have any free time. She didn’t have time to waste with people and wasn’t down for seeing what we wanted to offer. But the girls got her to come around one night and Maggie never forgot how the neck scratches felt, she had to keep coming back for more. She’s always down to cuddle and is the first one to meet you at the gate. Maggie is now in Iowa with Jessie Lynton and her twins. Maggie will be truly missed around here. 



Razz is a 2016 12.1 Welsh Section C gelding. He was brought to us by his owner in search of a new home with (hopefully) a kid that wants to jump. Razz is a very athletic and smart pony with a jump like no other. He has a soft spot for the little kids and fortunately for him, he found his own little girl in November 2021. We’re glad we could help Razz find a good home in Georgia and we’re excited to see what he and his kid accomplish in the many years to come!



We bought Marsha in the beginning of August and he loaded the trailer from Virginia the same night. We were told that he had personality, which we thought nothing of until we met him. Marshmallow would’ve lived happily in the house if we let him and he probably would’ve gotten in the bed with us too. He is the definition of “puppy dog personality” and that happened to be exactly what Alicia Shaffer was looking for in a pony for her daughter. Marshmallow is now happily living at Willow & Wolf Ranch in California with his little new girl.



Willow is our first baby out of our beloved Sailer (Sandy Spot Gentlemans Showgirl). While in utero Willow was purchased into the family of the majority of Sailer’s offspring. When the mare repetitively has lovely babies is there really any reason to wait for the next super star to actually be born? We could not have found a better home for this sweet girl! She’s beyond curious with just the right amount of chestnut filly. 



Lemon is a Section B Welsh mare standing 12hh. TML bought Lemon in May 2022 as our next small green prospect. She is the hack winner with the jump to win the division! We’re so proud of how far this pony has come in a short time! Congratulations to the new owners. 



Dante‘s breeders are great friends of ours and we have had the pleasure of watching him grow up. He is headed home to his new kid in Missouri! Thank you to his previous owners for trusting us to find him a good home.




Happy (JC Friendly and Kind) was a love at first sight situation. Grace was scrolling through instagram on her 17th birthday and saw one picture of Happy, an hour later she was the proud new owner of an ottb mare. Grace put Happy's first post - track ride on her, took her on trails, taught her to jump - all the things! Unfortunately Grace went off to college and had to part ways with this special mare. However, Haps found the best. home. ever. with Lacy Agles, who let's us be with her whenever.  



Piper was the best thing for Lucy’s career. Unfortunately Lucy has grown in the 4 years since she was 9 and Piper needed to go on to a new kiddo. Luckily she has found the best home with two girls to love her! She will be very dearly missed.

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