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Kasbah Owner

Mimi and her husband, Gene “Poppy”, own Kasbah Farm. Mimi and Poppy were married at the age of 19 in 1971 and in 1975 they welcomed their first daughter, Katie. They went on to have two more daughters, Sarah and Annie. Thus the name “KAS”. The young Litteken Family had about as much money as you’d expect a young family of 5 to have, but Mimi grew up with horses on her family’s farm and KNEW her daughters needed a pony or two. One Christmas a pony arrived on their doorstep. Of course deciding on ONE name was too hard, so this pony was named Baylor Picasso Rainbow Woodstock Litteken. “Baylor” was a good start to an ever growing pony family with KAS, Linoak, Game Keeper, Molly, Dolly, Tony, Barney, and the rest to follow. Tony and Barney, or “The Big Boys”, were a Belgian driving pair that Poppy gifted Mimi on their 35th anniversary. If only he had known at the time the love for driving he was about to create. Now, 16 years later Mimi is a competitive driver with her pony, Kasbah’s fFaire Lady Di “Diamond”. Mimi and Diamond are the ultimate dream team! Together they’ve competed in carriage driving, pleasure driving, timed cones, and other obstacle and timed events. In 2021 they earned their first WPCSA national ribbon, 4th in A/B 12.2 and under Pleasure Driving! 


Head Trainer - TML Equestrian

Tiffany has made a huge impact on our lives, specifically Grace’s. Tiffany’s been on a horse or in the barn practically her entire life. She’s shown at Pony Hunter Finals and in Grand Prix’s and has excelled at everything in between! It’s hard to find a trainer with talent, patience, experience, and grit but Tiffany is nothing short of that. Tiffany was first introduced into our lives in 2015. She was attending Delaware State University, but back south for the time being and was giving lessons at JPH. Grace was a young and timid rider who was on the verge of quitting but really just needed someone to be quiet and help her at her own pace. Luckily for Grace, Tiffany was there to help. Tiffany singlehandedly convinced Grace not to quit and in the process helped her fall in love with the sport again. This is when Tiffany became family, and our family is forever. Tiffany went back to Delaware to graduate, she moved home to Texas, got a few pretty cool jobs showing and training horses, and somewhere in there created her first homebred, Rendition “Nutmeg”. Summer 2020 we had our Tiffany back. She would stay with us in Oklahoma for part of the week and commute to work in Texas every morning. She very quickly went from a family friend to Jess and Grace’s older sister. Tiffany now travels the country with her clients and has a successful training and lesson program out of Miller Farms. We’re very fortunate to have met this kind soul. 


Kasbah Breeding & Young Stock Sales

Grace has been on a horse or pony since she could sit up by herself. Grace was fortunate enough to have been able to ride and show Janet Crouch’s Pecan Creek Moonlight Sonata “Moonie” in the walk trot divisions. Just when Grace and Moonie were starting to canter and jump, Moonie had to move to Kansas with her family (she made her way home to us in 2017). So the search began for a new pony to take her up the levels. In December 2015 Grace and Mimi visited Rollingwoods Farm to pony shop. During their visit Grace fell in love with Rollingwoods Eye Spy “Hiccup” and Mimi fell in love with 2 year old Rollingwoods Up Up and Away “Uppity”. Both Hiccup and Uppity made their way home on Kasbah’s trailer! Hiccup was a slap in the face for Grace, but one she really needed. He was difficult and wasn’t going to put up with her attitude. Hiccup was exactly what Grace needed right when she needed it. He taught her to ride and she helped him earn his AOH in 2018. In 2019 Grace and Hiccup attended Pony Hunter Finals and showed in the medium greens. Shortly after Hiccup made his way to his new family and Iron Edge “Izzy”, an Oldenburg mare, squeezed her way into the family. Izzy was a hot mess and Grace called it character, Grace and Izzy had the time of their lives and Izzy is now retired to our breeding program. Grace has found so much joy in helping Kasbah breed and produce ponies. She helps organize breedings and sales and works as the tech side of Kasbah. Grace loves riding and selling green and “quirky” ponies, however enjoys riding and showing Uppity as well. After 6 years in the making, Uppity and Grace qualified for Pony Hunter Finals 2022 in the large green division. Grace shows at Welsh shows with Rollingwoods Farm as well as USEF rated shows with TML Equestrian, LLC. 



Mimi has had Lucy on a pony since birth, so her natural talent was no surprise when she started taking lessons at the age of 4. Lucy killed it in lead line and walk trot with her pony Rose Creek Spring Gaiety “Rosie”, but eventually needed to step up the levels. Madyn Sea Dragon “Dragon” was purchased for Lucy in 2016 and he changed the game for her! Dragon and Lucy brought home many champions in the short stirrup division along with many WPCSA national placings, going as far as to earn Dragon’s LOM! They were quite the pair and “no” was something they rarely said as a team. Lucy is an ever growing child and once again she needed something bigger to help her step up! So she made the decision to sell her beloved pony, which is a heartbreaking decision for any child. Luckily for Lucy, Cartwheel Piper “Piper” came up for sale! Piper was an extra special find as she’s an offspring of the mare who taught Grace to ride, “Moonie”, and bred by Janet Crouch, a close friend of ours who used to own Rosie and Moonie! Lucy and Piper’s first ride together was in the warm up ring at WPCSA Nationals and 15 minutes later they were showing short stirrup together. Piper has gone on to find her new family and Lucy welcomed *Remarkable Me "Cruise" - a half welsh gelding - and Storm Warning "Xena" - a mustang mare - into her family. She enjoys teaching Cruise the ropes and competing in the jumper ring with Xena with the hopes of competing in Pony Jumper Finals as a part of TML Equestrian, LLC's show team. 

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